Breeder of Merit

The Boston Terrier is said to be the first “manmade” dog in the United States, often being
referred to as The American Gentleman. Several breeds were used to make up the Boston Terrier.

The French Bulldog, English Bulldog, German Boxer, and the American or Pit Bull Terrier
are listed as progenitors. This is the reason, I believe, why we have different types of
Bostons: some resembling the terrier side; some taking more characteristics from the bulldog.
The Boston was larger in the earlier days, within the 20 to 30 pound, range, but, over the
years, the size has been reduced to an average of 15 pounds. Though the body was bred
to a smaller size, the BT still thinks itself to be of the larger size… he has a “big dog” mentality
, showing no fear. The Boston is not truly aggressive in nature, but, usually, will not back
down from a fight, if challenged.
The early records tell us that the first AKC Bostons were brindle and white and were living
in the Boston, Massachusetts area. They were first recognized by he AKC in 1893 and were
listed as Terrier (Boston). There was at one time a listing of the “Toy Boston Terrier”. They had
to be under 15 pounds at the age of 12 months to be listed as Toys. There is no longer a
division of Toys in the Boston Terrier. Boston Terriers are now listed in the Non-Sporting
Group with the AKC, and shown as 15 pounds and under, and 15 pounds and over in the
classes, but compete equally in the winners’ classes and the Best of Breed competition.
Over the years the standard has changed, as the Boston developed into the wonderful
little dog that we now see. The colors that are now listed as acceptable in the Boston Terrier
standard are Brindle & White, Black & White, and Seal & White. The weight is not to exceed
25 pounds. The body should have a square appearance, with bone and muscle in proportion.
The Boston is born with little to no tail. Boston tails can be twisted, cork screwed, or kinked
The temperament of the Boston is friendly, with a high degree of intelligence. They have a
great deal of determination and will need patience to train. The BT is a great dog for children,
for they are always looking for someone to play with. They never seem to tire out. When
there is a Boston in the house, there should be a toy box full of tug toys and chew toys,
and even some soft cuddle toys.
The coat of the Boston is very short and needs little grooming. A quick bath and a soft
brushing is all that is needed. They do shed, but due to the shortness of the coat, it does
not seem to be a complaint from BT owners. The one draw-back of the short coat is that
the Boston is an indoor dog and cannot stand to be out in the cold for very long. You will
find that most Bostons love to sleep under the covers, whether they are on your bed or
a special bed you have made up for them.



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