How to buy a puppy and what to ask

CKC is where a lot of the puppy mills are going to cut the new higher cost of AKC. I can register a SPCA dog with CKC. (it is not the Canada Kennel Club– they are OK)

The deaf gene runs on the white factor. This is the same gene that runs with Boxers, German Shepherds and with Dalmatians.

Blue and white and red and white are mutations and are not a accepted color with The National Boston Terrier Club. As with any breed a mutation can and often has health issues as well a temperament issues. The above colors in Bostons have not been around long enough to have any real studies done. Breeding for “rare white” Bostons is asking for trouble with deafness.

The health tests that should be done on all breeding stock before breeding is CERF for the eyes. BARE testing for the hearing and OFA for the patella. The price of the dogs should be reflected it the price of the puppy.


When you are talking to a breeder asking about the price of the puppy/dog keep in mind a few of the expenses that have have endured. What testing has been done, before breeding of the adults and on the pups. What they feed their dogs. Number of shots given to date.< parents and whelps have normal maintenance requirements in order to have healthy pups>. Was the birthing by c-section or natural. <normal c-section is now running about $2000 and up, no matter how many pups are born.> There is also a stud fee or the breeder has maintained their own male. What ever the case the male has a price that has been invested. The breeder has also paid for the litter and the parents to be registered
with AKC or UKC so as to maintain purebred proof of lines. Some breeders also have added ID chips for the pups safe return to you.

Then there is the time involved in the care of the parents and then the babies. Sure mothers do most of the work at the start, but then we take over. There are papers to change, feeding dishes to wash, toys to clean and then more toys to buy and puppy food and chews to cut teeth with. Toys are needed to stimulate a pups mind . As well as the everyday touch of a human hand .

Vet checks and due claws to be removed as well and time keeping the nails cut at least once a week. If a breeder was to keep track of their time and charge for it there would be no way any of us could afford a new pup.The first days after the whelps are welcomed into the world many of us sleep in chairs or on the floor. When there is a problem with one of the babies there is no sleep unless a friend comes in and helps. Time spent with the babies is endless but there is no other way to raise healthy well adjusted pups you people like you and your family.

The average litter size for a Boston is 3.5 per AKC.
You do the math

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