Show Grooming / How to Take Care Dogs

You will need clippers, scissors straight and blunt curved , thinning scissors and maybe a stripping knife and a sanding stone. Nail clippers and a nail file or grinder for the nails. Grooming powder and chalk mate to hold in the chalk. A soft brush and a couple of small fine brushes like a woman uses to place their make up on. A grooming table is nice to work from. Eye wash and a coat finish for the final touches.
I prefer to have a mirror across on the far wall behind the grooming table so I can see both sides of the dog at the same time. Have the table set up so you can work from both sides with all your equipment with in easy reach. If your dog is afraid of the table try feeding him while on the table. Make this time a pleasure for him.

I like to start with the clippers, trimming off all the scraggly hairs that stand up off the body. Clean up the stomach area of all loose hair. Trim off the hair between the toes. Smooth up the rear of the dog so it appears flat more then rounded. Place cotton ball in the ears so loose hair can not enter the canal as you remove any hair on the inside edge of the ear and the outside. Smooth out the hair in front of the ear.

With your scissors remove all whiskers. Be careful not to cut the moles on the cheek when removing those whiskers. Remove the long hairs on the eyebrows. Trim the cowlicks on both sides of the neck. (thinning scissors work best ) Go slow so you do not trim off more then needed leaving a bare spot. With your thumb and forefinger to roll up the white hair that overlaps the black, trim. Try to get a even appearance . Trim the white lines on legs. Trim any cowlicks on the rear of the dog.

Stand back and take a long look at what you have already done. Be sure to look at both sides. Now is the time to detail your dog—-To show off the best point and to cover up any bad ones.

Once you have all the trimming completed allow your dog to run around and relax as you watch his movement and look for other areas you would like to improve on.

Bath your Boston

The day of the show your will be doing the final step of chalking. Be sure to arrive allowing yourself plenty of time. Using cholesterol or a product called caulk mate apply to both hands and then to the white hairs of the dog. Brush in chalk to all white area. Then brush out. This is to make you dog look whiter and to give more body to the coat. Be sure to remove all chalk. You do not want the judge to get chalk on their hands. Re trim the whiskers( they seem to grow over night.) Apply a coat dressing if needed.

Off to the ring you go.

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